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When your stomach hurts, it could be caused by so many factors. A simple stomach pain can be caused by a certain stomach disease or it could be a symptom that you are experiencing from a different disease that is not originating from your stomach. Ulcers, appendicitis, Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Gall Bladder, Candida, Bacteria and food poisoning, indulging, pancreas problems, liver or spleen issues, and so many other reasons. 

Bowel Diseases 

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are diseases that affect certain or all layers of the stomach lining. They are thought to run in families and be genetically influenced. The two diseases may seem similar due to some of the same symptoms, but they are distinguishable.    Treatment for these diseases runs the gamut, depending on what recommendations you are getting.   Crohns      Ulcerative Colitis

Stomach Flu 

Stomach Flu is different than what we normally get in the winter. It is still a virus, like the influenza.   Its technical name is gastroenteritis. It typically goes away within a few days.  Stomach Flu

Appendicitis is serious

 The pain may start around the belly button and move down to the right. If you have very sharp pain in the lower right abdomen, fever, any bleeding. Seek medical help. The appendix is a tube or sac that comes off the large intestine (colon) and can burst when infected. This could lead to life threatening problems very fast.  appendicitis

Food Poisoning 

Food Poisoning is caused by bacteria and sometimes viruses from poorly handled or insufficiently cooked foods that are contaminated. Most go away on their own. People who travel a lot at some point contract some food poisoning.   common bacteria and viri

Food Allergies and Candida  

Food Allergies and Candida can have very strong effects and symptoms.  This is one reason it is important to keep a food diary and log of your activities when experiencing problems.    This can identify an association to certain foods with your pain, and then they can be eliminated. 

Candida is a wide ranging illness becoming epidemic.  The symptoms are all over the board. 

The listing above is very short and meant to give you some general direction. Much more information is included in our websites and videos.    food and digestion 

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