Bacteria are necessary in nature. They provide many functions that provide support for life. There are beneficial bacteria and bacteria that attack and harm us. Often the byproducts of bacteria are toxic. 

Probiotic Bacteria 

Probiotics is a now a common household term referring to the bacteria in the gut, Usually Lactobacillus strains or Streptococcus strains which help us to digest and process foods. These are offered in supplements. Some fermented foods and yoghurts contain beneficial bacteria. 

Bacteria Genetic Material in your body

There is more genetic material from bacteria in your body than your human genome. You may have a pound or two of bacteria in your gut. A good portion of your feces is dead bacteria. 

People may have hundreds of different types of bacteria in their bodies. These are in a balance in healthy individuals, and out of balance in sick people. 

Some bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori can really mess up your digestive system causing life changing problems such as ulcers and IBS. 

Bacteria are Decomposers

Other bacteria decompose carbonaceous material in the natural world which keeps the ecosystems healthy and in motion. Some work in the presence of Oxygen, others work without oxygen in anaerobic conditions. 

Anaerobic Bacteria

There are anaerobic bacteria in your gut also. Byproducts of these bacteria smell bad. Bad smelling gas is a result of the gut being out of balance and anaerobic conditions being present.  

Under these conditions the anaerobic bacteria reproduce in order to digest the food our body cannot digest. Dairy products often are in this category. 

Bacteria picture