Me and Bowel Diseases

I am a biologist, chef, traveler, and gastritis sufferer. The last makes me very unhappy and at times uncomfortable. All of the drugs and lifestyle changes proposed to me made me very uncomfortable.

I felt I had several things going on at the same time.  Stressful higher level management position, lifestyle, some food intolerance, and Helicobacter pylori bacteria probably obtained in world travels.

 I was always on the slim side even though I love food and eating and would do so freely.  At the stressful end of my "professional career" i put on 30 pounds in  a year.  This is at the age of 55.

i began dieting.......   i developed problems, most likely due the combination of all the above factors.

The scientist in me wanted facts. The chef wanted to eat whatever I wanted. The traveler wanted to be free of any concern whatsoever. The gastritis scared me.

I had a colonoscopy, they found irritation that was not cancerous.  I need to recheck this every few years.

Being a person of action I began to study and compile data on my specificand individual conditions. As I learned more and talked to more people who have to deal with stomach pains and problems, I realized I had learned a great deal and could help people.  I decided to make websites and to write articles. This is the beginning of that process.

The name chosen for the website is very broad and sometimes controversial.  Publically i wanted to share this site  personally to people I met.   Secretly, i wanted to create an authoritative website that covered all of my stuff and lot's of other topics.  Besides for opinion areas, the work is well researched.

I have to be honest and let you know it may take time to heal yourself.

The process could be to identify the symptoms, learn what the causes are, try elimination of food-stuffs, and experiment with your consumption. These conditions are confusing and this article is about that confusion.

Experiencing stomach area pains after over eating is a typical condition. Many travelers arrive at their destination, immediately begin drinking and eating, and begin their vacationing in rand style. I know I do! These often are just payments you have to pay for over-indulging.

Other times things are more serious, to the point of being a life threatening issue. Please consult your medical team if you are worried. Learn if your specific conditions require immediate attention.

Be informed when you talk to your medical professional.  Be patient.  Only you can determine the level of discomfort  and inconvenience you will put up with.  Your conditions easily could come and go.

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