Avoiding Lactose Intolerance

Seven Options to Treat Lactose Intolerance

1. Stay away from Dairy Products      

2. Try the many great nondairy recipes. 

3. Take Lactase supplements 

4. Read labels carefully to make sure the food does not contain dairy byproducts, fillers, and nutrient boosters. 

5. Eliminate all dairy then try aged dairy products and yoghurts to see if your body can tolerate these foods.    

6. Gradually add dairy products that your body can digest. 

7. Low Calcium and Calcium deficiency on Non Dairy Diets 

About 75% of the Calcium we use is supplied by dairy products. If you are going to try a nondairy diet, make sure you take a calcium supplement or replace calcium necessary to keep your bones and body healthy.chart of calcium rich foods that help with avoiding lactose intolerance



List of foods that help in avoiding lactose intolerance

Avoiding Lactose Intolerance