Help cure your Digestion Problems

Genetics and lifestyle are strong influences in yoru digestive problems.

The number one thing you can do to help yourself is totally in your control.  Genetics is fixed, you can not change your genome.  Lifestyles can take a long time to change.

Your diet and what you eat are immediate things you can moderate in order to  take control of how you feel.

Make a list of what you eat  and drink and when (everything).   Mark on the sid of each item how you feel 1/2 hour after consuming the food or drink.

Things to especially note is what your bowel movements are like after eating certain foods.

Other important things are any pain, gas, acid, farts, nausea, bloated feeling, sudden urge to go to the bathroom.......

Each tine there is a negative result after you eat, look carefully at the things you consumed and try to figure out which bothered you.

Experiment with eliminating foods which bother you.

Help cure your Digestion Problems  Ruptured Ulcers

Help cure your Digestion Problems Pictures of bad foods