Myths about Bowel Diseases

Some typical myths about digestion are that ulcers are caused by spicy food, heartburn is relieved by smoking, celiac disease is a young persons disease, a bowel movement is required every day, laxatives and enemas are good to use all the time, few people have Diverticulitis, IBD is a psychological issue, Cirrhosis is only caused by over drinking, and that people that weigh too much overeat. 

Questions about Digestive Problems

Does spicy food make digestive problems better or worse?

Can you cure yourself?

Are you going to be sick forever?

Can you get your symptoms under control?

Will it be difficult to learn what foods to eat?

Do over the counter acid reducing medicines make you better or worse in the long run?

Are you allergic to foods?

Are you intolerant of foods?

Do you eat too much or eat too much at once?


The Ultimate Fact about Bowel Diseases

How we live our lives and what we eat are mostly responsible for our digestive problems.  Bowel diseases can be hereditary.

Bad diets, smoking, drinking, and stress can all affect our bowel diseases.

Quickly improve Bowel Diseases

People often can improve their symptoms within one day. This is not to say you can cure yourself in one day, but your constipation or diarrhea can improve.  Pain in the stomach can be reduced.  Bleeding can disappear if caught in enough time.

Keep a Record of what you eat and how you feel

The best thing you can do if you are having problems is to keep a diary of what you eat and when you have pain.  As much detail as possible.  by doing this you can put together a pattern.  Yes, you are like CSI.  You just may be able to figure it out.

The symptoms are confusing and overlap.  There are subtle differences in where the pain is, when it occurs, how long it lasts. when it goes away, and some other parameters.

One of the best diagnostic tools is this diary.

Regardless  whether  you need medical attention or are going to try and work on your problems by yourself, the diary is the tool that will best help you get better.

The Confusion around Bowel Diseases

All the digestive organs are known by everyone.  Who does not know about the liver, or appendix?  Who knows what their function is and how the involvement they have in bowel diseases?

Even common terms like ulcers, large intestine, and food allergies are often not really understood.


The word indigestion is something everyone knows but not many know the causes.  Diarrhea and Constipation are obviously very common terms, but who knows the actual physical reasons that cause them?


Probiotics is bacteria we take that supports our digestive system.  The names are long, and how they work with enzymes and where they are active is not well known.

Does Folk Lore or Medicine cure Bowel Diseases

First let's ask whether old wives tales and folk lore are accurate regarding digestive diseases, or is modern science and research more accurate?  Each can produce very convincing arguments for their sides.

The facts as "professionals" understand them can be very deceiving when coming from pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.  Likewise, folk remedies can be deceiving also.  this is why we have to understand the problems and decide for ourselves which things to use and which are to be discarded.


 Introduction to Bowel Diseases

 Bowel Diseases Diagram