Stomach Pain Depression

Stomach Pain Depression  

In the United States, more or less 9.5 % of the entire grown-up inhabitants put up with depression. An indication of depression can be evident in every parts of the human body. It manifests in an individual’s way of thinking, feelings and actions. One evident and common complain that a person with depression may complain about is stomach pain. Stomach pain can both present a possibility of depression or presence of depression. 

To be able to identify stomach pain depression, it is essential to establish the primary symptom. Was it the stomach pain first or depression? The answer to this question is important to formulate a lucid finding and distinguish an efficient handling approach. Depression can be pointed by bodily symptoms as mentioned in the Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (2003) journal. 

Can Stomach Pain Cause Depression? 

Yes it could. But not just any simple stomach pains. If a person has been suffering from a long time illness that causes stomach pains and the person has developed a disturbed body image, then it is possible for that person to develop depression due to stomach pains. In order to prevent that from happening, continuous support from friends and families are needed. 

Can Depression Cause Stomach Pain? 

An individual may suffer difficulties in their digestive system due to depression such as difficulty in bowel movement, dizziness and loss of appetite. Not to mention the worried and anxious feelings a person goes through during episodes of depression, which also causes problems within the gastrointestinal system, thus, causing stomach pain depression. So to answer the question “Can depression cause stomach pain?” yes, it can. 

Treatment for Stomach Pain Depression 

Once the root cause is determined, proper actions should take place. 

If the stomach pain is caused by depression: 

Take the proper medications prescribed to relieve and eliminate depression. Therapies, counseling and support groups will definitely help a lot to provide the depressed person a more positive outlook. 

If depression is caused by stomach pain: 

Medicines for the disease and maintenance medications to alleviate the stomach pain will lessen the risk of the person to develop depression. If by any chance, a person has been disabled due to a stomach pain causing illness, support from the family and friends will also help the person to recover from the pain of loss. 


Can depression cause stomach pain or vice versa all the timecourse not! So don’t be confused. It was never stated on this article that depression will ALWAYS cause stomach pain or the other way around. It’s just that there are possibilities that this could happen so let this serve as a guide. Stomach pain and depression can be related and connected but they don’t accompany each other every time. 

Stomach Pain and Depression

There are many illnesses that could cause stomach pain and there are many events and situations that could cause depression. In conclusion, there are risks for a person with chronic stomach illnesses that can cause depression and there are also risks for a depressed person to develop stomach pains. Therefore, stomach pain and depression can be connected and related to each other but that’s not the case every time.


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