Gerd is when the muscle at the entrance to your stomach which should function one way, opens to let the acidic mixture out of the stomach and into you esophagus. mouth, and  trachea.  This causes discomfort and serious problems.

Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease is the technical name for GERD

 GERD Pictures

 The valve is closed preventing acidic fluid from leaving the stomach.

 Picture of Esophageal Muscle Closed


The valve is open and acidic fluid is rising into the esophagus

Picture of Esophageal Muscle open


GERD and Bowel Diseases


The acidic fluid is splashing up and causing irritation

Irritation in the Esophagus from GERD



Valve closed

Piucture of Digestive Juices being held back by the esophageal muscle

 Valve open

Gastric Fluid escaping the esophageal muscle


Valve closed 

diagram of gastric juices being held back by esophageal muscle


 Valve open

diagram of juices escaping the esophageal mucle

Picture of irritation of esophagus by GERD