Learn about Acid Stomach Diet


Acid Stomach Diet  

There are so many over the counter medicines that can be bought to tame an acid stomach. It works, but what if it doesn’t? That just means that a major change should be done with one’s lifestyle to make improvements. Since the problem is with the stomach being too acidic, then make changes with the stuff you put in your stomach. A diet change should be done. 

So here are tips and ways to change your diet to be friendly to your stomach: 

·         Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. If you’re in a party and it can’t be helped, limit yourself to a can or a glass. 

·         Never over eat. Not only will it cause you to gain weight but it will make your stomach much more aggressive in secreting more acids. 

·         Foods with high fat content do no good as well. Fats stay inside the stomach far longer and it causes the stomach to produce more acid. 

·         Don’t eat the usual and normal 3 big meals a day. Break it up into smaller portions and eat smaller but frequent meals. That way, the stomach is not in a “hardworking mode” and secretes fewer amounts of digestive acids. 

Drinks or beverages can also affect the stomach acid production. But there are a couple of misconceptions about drinks related to acid stomach diet. Here are the two common misconceptions about acid stomach diet: 

·         Milk 

Everyone thinks that drinking your good glass of milk before going to bed will help to neutralize the acids in the stomach. This is true, yet it has a reaction when a person is asleep, the milk inside the stomach tends to cause more acid production. So to avoid high acid stomach, eat a smaller amount of food for dinner before going to sleep. 

·         Stop the Cup o’ Joe 

There was a research and study which was published from Archives of Internal Medicine in May 2006 states that coffee, acidic foods and spicy foods has no bearing with acid stomach production. So eating or drinking these types of foods wouldn’t hurt as long as it is not taken on excess amounts.


Learn about Acid Stomach Diet


Learn about Acid Stomach Diet