The Truth about how your Diet can help to Heal and Fix your Digestion Problems.

Digestion Problems: The Truth

Although many problems can originate from a genetic disposition or a disease contracted such as a bacteria, the simple truth is your problems are strongly effected by your diet and lifestyle.

Diets in developed countries are Terrible. We eat bad foods.

List of Bad Eating Habits:

1. Eating too much.

2. Eating big meals instead of smaller meals.

3. Fast Foods due to being on the run all the time.

4. Too many Dairy Products.

5. Too much Gluten ( wheat )

6. Too little activity in your life.

7. Too much stress and not enough happiness.

8. Consuming non food items regularly in high quantities.


Bad foods do not have to be bad for you by themselves or in lower quantities. Processed foods may be very bad in larger quantities.

List of Bad Foods:

1. Fast Food is bad due to what you are eating and how you are eating: fast and on the run.

2. Processed foods that the body has not genetically developed ways to process. They are in everything

3.Dairy products that our bodies stop producing the chemicals to digest after we are two years old.

4. Crazy diets that are not contusive to your body.

5. Medications that do not heal you, just relieves symptoms, and medications that interrupt the body's natural processes and confuse the digestive system.

6. Consuming things due to stress, o0r to replace something lacking in your life. 

Bowel Diseases: Reactions to your Diet

Bowel Diseases are often caused by your body and how it is programmed.  Your body often gets confused about what is a foreign or dangerous thing you have eaten and attacks the area with a vengeance.  Swelling and all the (itis) types of diseases are made worse when you eat or consume something that the body thinks it needs to protect you from because it will harm you.

irritable bowel system

This is what happens when your digestive system is confused.  You do not need to confuse it with additional medicines and other things the body may not like.  You need to unconfused the digestive system and make it easy for it to know what to do naturally.  usually the body is way smarter than any pharmaceutical company and doctor.  We need doctors when we do not listen to our bodies.

stomach hurts

Pay close attention to how you are feeling before you eat and after.  figure out what makes your stomach feel better and try to eat that.  This will change all the time.  One day you may need some dairy, other days need soup, other days need raw vegetables.....

How to plan your own Diets for Digestion Problems

1. Think of a time in your life when your stomach felt great with no worries.

2. Think of all the bad eating habits you have.

3. Eat clear soups.

4. Reduce and eliminate dairy products and wheat for a while.

5. Don't eat bad fast foods.

6. If the label on the food lists ingredients more than one mile long, your body will have trouble  digesting the food.

6. Pay close attention to what makes you feel good and eat that. 

7. Eat low residue foods such as bananas, clear broth,  a little rice for a day or two and see if your stomach does not feel better.  Add cooked vegetables.

8. As you feel better eat a healthy diet of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates. 

9. Eat a banana every morning first thing.

10. S your body feels better, vegetables and other foods the experts say to stay away from due to irritating the bowels actually push the foods through your digestive system and help to heal the tubes by keeping them active and healthy.

 digestion problems :the truth