Is your stomach swelling?


Is Your Stomach Swelling?  

When the stomach or abdomen is swelling, it feels very uneasy and sometimes it even makes a person have a hard time breathing. Aside from that, the person develops a disturbed body image once he or she notices that his or her stomach is swelling. This is something that should be given proper attention to before it leads to something more serious. A swelling stomach is more commonly described as a bloated stomach.  

Usual Stomach Swelling Causes 

The most common causes or reasons for the stomach or abdomen to swell would be increase of the amount of gas or liquid anywhere in the abdominal region. But there are also other factors that could get the stomach or the abdomen to swell. They are usually disregarded because these days it has been part of the norm. Here are the common causes of stomach swelling: 

·         Obesity 

·         Too much eating 

·         Too much gas 

·         Intolerance on foods and drinks 

·         Food that produce gas 

·         Constipation 

·         During menstruation 

·         Ascites 

·         Pregnancy 

Those are the common causes of stomach swelling but that’s not all of it. There are also diseases and conditions that could cause the stomach or the abdomen to swell. But here we explained the common reasons for a stomach to swell abnormally but is not life-threatening. These can be easily managed and needs almost no medical attention from a medical professional. 

Why does is the stomach swelling? 

Each aforementioned causes will be explained further so the cause of stomach swelling could be better understood. 

·         Obesity – a person who is obese has a large amount of visceral or abdominal fat. Therefore, if there are many fat deposits on the abdominal area, it would cause the abdomen to swell increasingly compared to its normal size. 

·         Too much eating – a person will usually feel bloated if this is the reason for the stomach swelling. It happens when too much food was eaten in one meal, the stomach swells right after the meal due to the excessive contents inside it. 

·         Too much gas – in some cases there are microorganisms that could cause gases to form inside the stomach and the large intestines. But if a person has Aerophagia or the habit of swallowing air during the state of being tense, gas can build up in the stomach and cause the abdominal area to swell. 

·         Food and drink intolerance – if a person is intolerant to a certain food or to certain drink and happen to eat or drink it, and then it would cause inflammation to the digestive system as it passes through it.  

·         Foods that produce gas – these are commonly the beans but they are not the only gas producing foods. If excessive amounts of gas-producing foods are eaten, gas will surely build up within the digestive tracts, thus causing the stomach to swell. 

·         Constipation – this is when a person or an individual is having a hard time letting out his or her “wastes” and if there is difficulty in bowel movement, then that means that the fecal matters are just inside the bowels which causes the abdomen to enlarge. 

·         During menstruation – when a woman has her period, she would usually feel bloated and have an enlarged abdomen than usual. That is because of the hormonal changes going on in her body. These changes cause some of the fat deposits on a woman’s thighs and hips to go up to her waist. 

·         Ascites – basically, this is the buildup of the fluid called peritoneal fluid in the peritoneal cavity. More information on Ascites can be found here. (just link it to the other article about Ascites on the “here” word) 

·         Pregnancy – now this is plain common sense. Another life form is in the making inside the uterus and it is normal for the abdomen to swell during pregnancy. But if you are a woman and you are suddenly gaining weight and your stomach is swelling, consider taking a pregnancy test to check if you are pregnant or not.

Is your stomach swelling

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