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Influenza and Bowel diseases

Intestinal Flu  is  A sickness that is really caused by bacteria, virus, bad food, or other reason that opeo9ple call the flu. It is not influenza.

Intestinal flu is also called as Stomach flu or Gastrointestinal flu and may be a cause of concern. It is known to occur in almost everyone’s lifetime once or many more times. It occurs due to the irritation which might occur in the intestines and stomach. The good aspect of this flu is that it doesn’t stay for long and is said to go away after 24 hours. It is caused by the germs which might enter your body through your mouth when you eat or drink something which might be having an infection.

Symptoms of Bowel Diseases from  Intestinal Flu

The symptoms of intestinal flu might not appear immediately rather it may take a few days before you can see the symptoms to come up. Some of the most common symptoms which can make it clear that you are suffering from intestinal flu includes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal disorder. In some of the cases you might also see weight loss and fever also. Since the flu is not very serious so you shouldn’t panic rather try to get it treated at the earliest.
What is noteworthy is the abdominal discomfort which is caused by the intestinal flu. Your body might suffer from pain, there might be cramps as well. Apart from this some other symptoms which are very much evident are nasal congestion, throat irritation.

It might be tough on you when you suffer from the flu as your body might become weak and you may suffer from dehydration as well. If you suffer from the flu it is best that you take plenty of rest and keep drinking lots of water so that your body doesn’t suffer from lack of water.

Apart from this, try to take in other fluids like juices since dehydration is said to be one of the most visible symptoms of intestinal flu. You need to avoid eating all the dairy products as well as try to stay away from caffeine and tea also.

Preventing Bowel Diseases from Intestinal Flu

You need to maintain proper hygiene if you wish to stay away from the virus. Wearing clean clothes and washing your hands properly after every meal is very important. This way you will keep the germs at bay. It is also important that you thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables before you eat them. Try to maintain proper sanitary habits as well. Last but not the least, it is recommended that you immediately contact your doctor once you feel that you are having the symptoms of intestinal flu.

Introduction to Bowel Diseases


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