10 best Diet Tips

A list of the Best Advice for a Diet for Digestive Problems

Pay close attention to how you are feeling before you eat and after.  figure out what makes your stomach feel better and try to eat that.  This will change all the time.  One day you may need some dairy, other days need soup, other days need raw vegetables.....

How to plan your own Diets for Digestion Problems

1. Think of a time in your life when your stomach felt great with no worries.

2. Think of all the bad eating habits you have.

3. Eat clear soups.

4. Reduce and eliminate dairy products and wheat for a while.

5. Don't eat bad fast foods.

6. If the label on the food lists ingredients more than one mile long, your body will have trouble  digesting the food.

6. Pay close attention to what makes you feel good and eat these foods often.

7. Eat low residue foods such as bananas, clear broth,  a little rice for a day or two and see if your stomach does not feel better.  Add cooked vegetables.

8. As you feel better eat a healthy diet of vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates.  Dieticians know what is healthy eating.

9. Eat a banana every morning first thing.

10. S your body feels better, vegetables and other foods the experts say to stay away from due to irritating the bowels actually push the foods through your digestive system and help to heal the tubes by keeping them active and healthy.

10 best diet tips