Sharp  pain in stomach 

Sharp Pain in Stomach  

Pain can be described in many ways. One of them is being a sharp pain. A sharp pain can be described as a feeling of being suddenly stabbed by a sharp object. It can be very disturbing if this is felt on the stomach or abdominal area because it will make the person feel very weak. Now, there are different medical conditions and some cause different kinds of pain while some don’t cause any pain at all. So if a person described a sharp pain in stomach then it will be easier to narrow down the possible causes of that sharp pain. 

Common Causes of Sharp Pain in Stomach 

1)      Conditions of the Gallbladder 

Following a meal that is composed of fatty foods and high cholesterol food is a sudden, sharp pain in the stomach. That is a common sign of having something wrong with the gallbladder. Its function is disturbed due to the high intake of fat. 

2)      Inflamed Lining of the Esophagus 

Or it is what we call Esophagitis. One of the common causes of Esophagitis is acid reflux from the stomach. This can cause sharp pain in stomach and if ignored, it could lead to esophageal ulcer. 

3)      Amoebiasis 

This condition occurs when a person is infected with the microorganism called Entamoeba Histolytica. This disease can cause diarrhea accompanied by sharp pains on the abdominal area. 

4)      Gastritis 

When the stomach’s lining swells and is irritated, gastritis happens. In severe cases this could cause extreme stomach pain. 

5)      Stomach Cancer 

At whatever stage, cancer can cause pain. It may not be consistent all throughout the illness but once it creates pain it is very painful. A sharp piercing pain on the stomach is one characteristic of stomach cancer pain. 

6)      Problems with the Pancreas 

Whether it is Pancreatis or the pancreas is affected by a disease of different origin and causes inflammation of the pancreas, it will cause pain that is sharp in quality. 

7)      Constipation 

The bowels will move within your large intestines smoothly if a person practices drinking the right amount of water, exercising and eating the right types of food. This makes the bowels smooth and moist enough to slide out of the body. But on the contrary, if the opposite is being done, the bowels become dry and hard. Hence, it causes sharp pain in the stomach when it moves around the large intestines. 

8)      U.T.I. or Urinary Tract Infection 

Though the common sign of this infection is a burning sensation while urinating, this could also cause a sharp pain that is usually localized on the area below the navel and even at the lower back. 


Those are the common causes of sharp pain in stomach. Whenever this pain is felt, make sure proper and necessary assessment and management is done. Once diagnosed, take the needed actions to eradicate the illness

sharp pain in stomach


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