22 home remedies for stomach hurts


Home Remedies for Stomach Ache and when your stomach hurts  

Home Remedies can: 

       a. Soothe or coat your digestive systems parts. 

       b. Alter the ph (acid/base) reactions of your system. 

        c. Stimulate your body’s cells to produce or stop producing something that affects the physiological reactions normally carried out by your body. 

       d. Action can be on your nervous system, blood supply, hormones, enzymes, proteins, etc…….     

Here are some home remedies that work for stomach ache:  

                       *The best may be at the end!   Not in order of effectiveness.  

1)      Caraway Seeds Drink   

Make Caraway Tea:  Teaspoon of the seed soaking in hot water for ten minutes then strain the seed. Drink the tea before any meals.  If you like it, chew the seeds well and swallow them.   

2)      Cinnamon Tea   

Mix half a teaspoon of powder.  Mix up to one raw, dried, cinnamon Stick, more or less according to taste in hot water and steep for 5 or more minutes and drink. This can be very spicy and hot if too much is used.  It is soothing and warming.  

3)      Fennel Seeds Tea   

Follow the same procedure for the caraway seeds drink.  Fennel is an age old remedy and helpful herb for stomach and digestion.   Fennel is safe so use as much as you want according to taste.  You can also use fennel leaves in salads, stir fries, raw and grazing.  Fennel root is an ingredient becoming popular and can be roasted, stir fried, or eaten raw.   

4)      Ginger Tea   

Any ginger is good, dark yellow ginger if available is the best.  It is fingerlike and smaller than common ginger.  Grate the fresh ginger a teaspoon, more or less, and mix in a cup of hot water for three minutes.  I add honey for taste or sore throat. You can strain and then drink, or eat the ginger as you go.   Ginger is the universal ingredient throughout time that has been used to aid digestion.  

5)      Drink or Eat Mint   

You have two options for mint: First, you can brew it into a tea putting two or as many as you like of ends of growing stems with leaves, drink.  Iced drinks with fresh mint are very refreshing.  Mojitos are ground fresh mint plus other ingredients.  I have a friend who believes these alcoholic drinks are medicinal. (time for a disclaimer?)  You can also use the leaves to eat it straight up in salads, soups, stir fries, garnishes…. It will surely clear the intestines. 

6)      It’s time for Thyme   

Prepare a Thyme drink using the same procedure for the leafy herbal drinks and it will relieve stomach ache just the same. Thyme is used in many Italian recipes and is a favorite herb for many dishes you love.  

7)      Baking Soda Juice   

Baking soda is readily available in every household and has so many uses. It can also get rid of stomach ache. Just mix half a teaspoon into a glass of water and drink up.  This changes the acid/base ration in your stomach.  If you understand what is happening in your body this can be a cost saving remedy for those who use over the counter medications whose main ingredient is baking soda like chemicals.  Unlike herbs and other natural remedies that help your body, baking soda is you taking control of your digestive system and altering the ph (b acid/base).  Although this can bring about immediate relief, it also, if used over long periods of times confuses your body.  

8)      Cracker for Hunger   

If hunger is the problem and there aren’t any other food available then grab on a cracker. This will neutralize the hyperactive acids in your stomach caused by hunger.  Crackers are made with a lot of baking soda.  This may not be the best for certain conditions. 

9)      Drink Soda   

Any type of carbonated drinks would do. This will work wonders especially if the cause of your stomach ache is gas. If you drink some soda you will definitely burp it out.   This remedy is like fighting fire with fire.  As a kid I used to get ginger ale soda to relieve my stomach problems.  Did it relieve the problem?  I do not know for sure, but it made me very happy.  

10)   Hot Water Trick   

Boil some water and place it in a bottle wrapped in a towel or a water bag if you have one then place it over the stomach. This will relieve the stomach ache since the heat will stimulate your gastrointestinal organs.  Heat is great for many ailments.  Warm or hot showers/baths almost always help the way you feel.  Our body’s temperature dictates how many reactions occur and the frequency.   

11)   Castor Oil   

This is effective against constipation. One tablespoon or two will help with the bowel movement. Castor oil is a poison if you take too much.  The castor bean has been safely used throughout the ages to help with bowel movements or the aid in throwing up.  Use this carefully according to directions.  

12)   A Glass of Milk   

If the stomach ache is caused by hyper acidity then drink something base like milk to neutralize the acid in your stomach.   Milk is a very confused cure.  It can coat the stomach lining, but does not reduce the acid.  I am going to devote a whole page to this in the near future.  This is confusing for people because lemon juice and apple cider vinegar do reduce the acid.  It defies reason, b ut is chemically correct.  

13)   Lie on Your Tummy   

When lying in bed, change your position and lie down on a pillow on your tummy.    

14)   Take a Bath or Shower   

A hot or warm bath or shower will help relieve stress from your body. Stress can also cause stomach ache, thus relieving it can help eliminate stomach ache.   

15)   Knee Chest Position   

While lying down flat on your back, slowly bring up your knees towards your chest and stay in that position for 3 minutes then slowly bring your legs back down.   

16)   Apple Cider Vinegar   

One tablespoon in a glass of water up to several times a day will cure many digestive problems. It has been known to cure constipation, diarrhea, etc….   Apple cider vinegar often has solids.  These solids are especially good to drink.   This seemingly acidic food actually makes your body more basic.  

17)   Move Around + YOGA  

Stomach pain can be caused by stagnation of gas or bowels in the intestines. So do some exercise and move around to stimulate the gastrointestinal system.  Yoga and stretching is really beneficial to helping reduce stomach pain, or you can use a more formal approach, or experiment by stretching the abdominal muscles and gut with different movements.  Try laying on your back,, sides, and stomach and contorting.   I find standing and touching my toes is great to squeeze some bloating out. Twisting at the waist can be helpful.  Careful you are physically able to perform the exercises. 

      18)  Chamomile 

              This relaxing herb is perhaps the best.  Make as an herbal leafy mixture.  Usually you         buy this with stems, leaves, and flowers all dried and mixed together.  It has great fragrance and color.  This herb is an ingredient in many children’s remedies because it is mild and has so many curative properties. 

19)   Vodka Shot  ( disclaimer: alcohol may not be healthy for you!)  

Just take the enough amounts stated on here or else the stomach pain might get worse. Around 3 ounce plus 1/3 teaspoon of salt is the right amount. Drink it straight up.  I remember my grandfather taking a shot of whiskey each morning but never drinking anytime else.  Heritage and custom passed down through time indicated a small amount of alcohol was actually healthy.  I have read that a drink before eating actually helps digestion!  The French who eat a very rich diet accompanied by a glass of wine have very healthy digestive habits.  Unlike other cultures, they do not eat massive amounts of food.  In the US, many chain restaurants serve huge portions.  

20)   Charcoal   

Charcoal absorbs toxins.  It also absorbs medications so be very careful about the timing of use. Pour enough water over it just to get everything wet and drink up.   It will be thick and not taste the best.  Do not crush of charcoal briquettes as they often contain other chemical.  Some charcoal is pure, but costs more.  Charcoal has been known to improve constipation, diarrhea, absorb toxins produced by harmful organisms and a host of other problems. 

      21 Demulcents = Mucilaginous = slippery and gooey = coating lubricants  

              Slippery Elm, flax seed, and other demulcents help coat the linings of our digestive organs.  A natural mucous layer sometimes needs a bit of help.  They also smooth out any bumps in elimination of wastes and help in cure sores and abrasions in our digestive tracts. 

    22)  Stress Relief 

              Not many people realize that stress causes, or adds to many digestive problems.  Stress causes more acid to be released and lots of other negative bodily reactions that adversely affect digestion.  Stress has been indicated  as a problem in IBD ( inflammatory bowel disease), IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome), colitis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, stomach pain, and pretty much any malady you can think of….. 

Relieving stress is mandatory to cure yourself.   Deep breathing is an instant method of relieving stress.   Breath in deep, all the way down to your stomach, hold the breath in, then slowly expel the air with your lips positioned like you are playing the trumpet partially slowing down the exhale.   Imagine some soothing visual such as a bubble floating to the surface of water as you do this.  Three or four times will bring about immediate help, doing this quietly for 5-15 minutes has been known to change people’s lives for eh better.    

This is a somewhat simplified and partial method of what is known as “meditating”.  

       22 home remedies for stomach hurts picture of some ingredients to make a healing tea        


22 home remedies for stomach hurts