History of Lactose Intolerance



Exacerbating the Lactose Intolerance Problem 

       Many digestion problems occur because our diets are dictated by food producers finding profitable ways to market byproducts which are “gravy”.   More efficient methods of production often alter foods in such a way that make them more difficult to digest, or too easy to digest. 

       `Whey is such a byproduct form the dairy industry which is found in way more products then it should be.  It adds bulk and other sources of nutrition that look good on the side panel of foods, but aren’t really healthy. 

       The pasteurization process that became the “norm” mid-20th century brought a multitude of dairy products to the consumer, while commercials constantly reminded us of their health benefits to kids.  

Now more people consume dairy products, consuming them for their entire lives, and ingesting them in many foods that they do not associate with dairy. 

The interesting correlation is that more people than ever are having Lactose Intolerant symptoms and problems. 

Is this coincidence or directly correlated?  

World chart of lactose intolerance by country, the history of lactose intolerance



History of Lactose Intolerance