Seven Eating Rules not to Break while Travelling


Biggest Rule:   Do not overindulge at first. Think about subtle ways food born organisms can be transmitted like dirty hands or cutting boards.  Think outer layer of foods as dirty, peel them.  

1) Don't drink the water.  Drink bottled, boiled or purified water.  In some countries be careful of the ice.  Sodas and beer are fine, but you may not be used to them.  Many bottled drinks are very sweet. 

2) Stay away from unpeeled fruits and vegetables. Wash them thoroughly with clean water, scrubbing and drying.  if you are very worried sterilize them.  Use clean water to wash them then peel them. 

3) Never eat food that has been sitting around.  Look for busy places where the turnover of food is fast.   Find places that food looks fresh and they cook it very hot. I have had excellent luck with street food wisely chosen.   A 5 star hotel may not be as healthy as you would hope.  At least with street food yiou can see what you are getting. 

4) If you choose to over consume at the beginning of the trip ( who doesn't?), treat  your stomach well by drinking water, and when you feel bad, eat very carefully  and only the low residue foods available. 

5) Eat more small meals and snacks. 

6) If you aren’t lactose intolerant, find the local yoghurt and try to see if it has active cultures.  Most countries have some version of these.  The trick is reading labels. 

7) The belief that the fancier the place the safer the food is not always accurate.  Street food that is very fresh, washed, and and cooked well can be safe.  Fancy places may not have the turn over and the food may not be as fresh.  Always see where the locals are buying. 

Three big Basics of Travel Food 

1) Begin slowly 

2) make sure its cooked, purified, peeled, and fresh 

3) Be aware of your tummy. If you are having problems eat rice or carbs that will soak up the toxins.  Eat small portions more often.  Usually things will settle in a day or so. 

The times I wished I had taken my own advice!  

 Mexico and Latin America 

In addition to the above i ask for extra limes and mucho ajo (lots of garlic).  I squeeze the lime juice all over the food. Is it scientific?  A little.  Has it worked for me in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and other countries?   Yes. 

South East Asia 

Use good judgment.  The gamut is available there. Good soups, rice, fish, and freshly cooked vegetables are pretty safe.  I haven't had any problem in bigger cities.  The biggest problem is figuring out what the menus say, especially in China!  I strongly advise pointing to something and saying let's try this one.  You can easily get parts of an animal you are not used to, but may like. 

Thailand food is very spicy. 

Vietnam food was the best. 

Some Chinese restaurants used a little too much oil, but some were excellent and perfect. 

Foods can be rich. Don’t eat too much. 


Possibly the healthiest food in the world. 

 Seven Eating Rules not to Break while Travelling