Tummy Ache in Pregnancy

Tummy Ache in Pregnancy  

The problem with a tummy ache during pregnancy is that it could normal or it could be not. If the tummy ache during pregnancy is only mild and short term then it is normal but if it has been recurring for longer periods of time with a high severity of pain then this is not something that should be ignored. But how can you distinguish which is a normal pain and which is not?  

Normal Tummy Ache Causes in Pregnancy 

1)      Air and Expansion 

There will be a bloated feeling due to the changes in the uterus’ size as it begins to enlarge and puts strain on the other abdominal organs. 

2)      Stretching 

As pregnancy progresses, the abdomen gets bigger and the ligaments get stretched further. Thus causing pain that is dull near the area of your navel or sharp aching sensation localized in one area of your tummy. 

3)      Constipation 

In reaction to pregnancy, the body produces hormones that cause your normal digestion process to slow down as well as you bowel movement which could cause minor cramps on the tummy. 

4)      False Labor or Braxton Hicks Contraction 

It’s normal to feel contractions on the tummy during pregnancy and oftentimes it is accompanied by pain and increases when the woman’s due date is nearing in. The difference between false labors from the real one is that it goes away whenever a woman starts to walk around or does other physical activities. 

5)      Cramps 

This would more likely mimic the pain experienced during dysmenorrhoea. The feeling and the area where it is felt is the same when a woman has her menstrual period. The only difference is in pregnancy, cramps are more frequent and more painful when the due date is near. 


What to do to relieve normal tummy aches in pregnancy? 

·         Never make sudden movements or sudden changes in position. Position changes should be done slowly and carefully. 

·         Don’t be stagnant. Perform light exercises like walking or doing simple and non-heavy household chores. This will also help the woman increase her chances of having a normal delivery. 

·         Whenever there is pain anywhere in the abdominal area, slowly bow or bend towards the area of the pain to alleviate it. 

·         Taking a hot bath or shower will also help relax and soothe the muscles 

·         Take in plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration which could cause Braxton Hicks contractions. 


Abnormal Causes of Tummy Ache in Pregnancy 

1)      Excessive Bile in Liver 

This condition is commonly known as Cholestasis and can occur during pregnancy. It causes pain located on the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. 

2)      Ectopic Pregnancy 

This happens when the fertilized embryo did not implant itself on the uterine walls but on the fallopian tubes instead. Severe, sharp pain is felt accompanied by bleeding. 

3)      Miscarriage 

Pain during a miscarriage is felt where a woman usually feels menstrual cramps but the pains is worse than a normal menstrual cramp. 

4)      AbruptionPlacenta 

When the placenta prematurely separates itself from the uterine walls, it is called Abruption Placenta and causes abdominal pain to the woman. 

5)      Pregnancy Induced Hypertension or PHI 

There’s no pain felt in mild cases of PHI but in severe cases, pain would be felt on the upper region of the abdomen 

6)      Haemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, Low Platelets Count Syndrome 

Simply known as the HELLP syndrome. One of the symptoms of the HELLP syndrome is experiencing tummy ache on the upper right region of the abdomen. 

7)      Infection on the Urinary Tract during Pregnancy 

Commonly known as UTI, this could cause the same pain it causes even to a pregnant woman who has UTI. Pain will be felt during urination, on the lower abdomen, during intercourse and on the area where the urinary bladder is located. 


What to do to relieve abnormal tummy aches in pregnancy? 

These are serious medical conditions and could affect the child inside a woman’s womb as well as put the woman’s health at risk. Therefore, avoid self-medicating for these medical conditions and seek help immediately. 

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