Digestive Worms 

Human body is very susceptible to parasitic worms infested in the intestinal tract and other parts of the body. These parasites may result from milder condition to major problems and even fatal. Phylum nematoda, is the major parasite that infects human. It may include whip worm, hookworm and pinworm. Whipworm is aquired thru eating dried goods and once entered into the body, it will eventually burrow the lining of the intestines that may cause bloody stool and vitamin A deficiency. Hookworms are from soil and will penetrate into your feet. It can cause irritation and intestinal hemorrhage if not treated immediately. Pinworm also a nematoda, is the kind of worm that is very common in children. It causes extreme irritation. Tape worms, also may infect humans. This kind of worm may grow as long as 40 feet. You can acquire this kind of parasite thru eating uncooked meat and can cause blockage of your intestinal tract which can cause discomfort.  


Digestive Worms


 picture of a digestive worms

 picture of digestive worms 2



diagram of the life cycle of digestive worms


picture of a roundworm picture of a pinwrom pictrure of a hookworm


pictrure of a dwarf tapeworm    picture of a whipworm  picture of an intestinal fluke



picture of amoeba organisms