Acid Stomach Diet Myths


Acid Stomach Diet Myths

Milk may make Ulcers Worse

If you overeat at dinner time, milk will relieve the pain of ulcers.  The food you ingest causes a large amount of acid to be produced in order to digest the food.  Milk will neutralize the acid, in the short run.   The body then recognizes that it must counteract the action of the milk and increase acid production again, causing more uncomfort later.


Coffee, Spicy Foods, Fruits have not been proven to make acid stomach worse.

Research (Stanford 2006) found that these foods do not elevate stomach acid. 


Diet Tips that help Cure Ulcers

1. Don't eat large meals.  Food in  your stomach stimulates acid production.  When you eat a lot of food at once, a large amount of acid is produced.

2. Eat many smaller meals.

3. Fast food has high fat content. some fats are healthy, fast food fat is not.  Fast food fats remain in the gut for long time because they are difficult to digest.  The body then makes more and more acid to try and digest them.

4. Do not lay down after eating.  Stay standing or walking.

5. When you go to sleep, elevate your head.

6. Beer causes the stomach to almost double acid production.  Other drinks such as soda and alcohol can raise stomach acid.

7. chew gum.  it sounds simple, yet the juices produced in your mouth by your salivary glands help to reduce acid in your stomach.

8. Eat slowly and chew your food well.

                           Famous quote "Eat less, chew more"

9. Do not eat fried foods.

10. Drink Water


Acid Stomach Diet Myths

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