The Most Important Feature of Probiotics  


What is meant by Probiotics/?  

According to (WHO) World Health Organization and Food and Agriculture Organization, Probiotics are living microorganisms like bacteria and other good organisms such as yeast found in the human gut and in skin. It is also called good bacteria in some foods and dietary supplements consumed by the body. They also called as CAM or complementary and alternative medicine for several diseases as well as helping to boost the body’s health and the person’s general wellness.  


These good or friendly bacteria play an important part in the proper development of the immune system and to protect against harmful microorganisms that can cause illnesses like diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infection, vaginal infection and effective treatment for certain intestinal infections.  


Is Probiotics similar to pre bio tics? 

Probiotics are not similar to pre bio tics but they go side by side. Probiotics are indigestible foods that serve as the food or stimulate the growth of those good bacteria or Probiotics which already exist in the body. Probiotics are available in foods and dietary supplements in the form of capsules, tablets, powders or in some foods like yogurt, miso, some juices, fermented and non-fermented milk as well as in soy drinks. Probiotics are found in banana, whole grains, onions, artichokes, garlic and other foods.  


When Probiotics and pre bio tics are combined, they form symbiotic or mutually beneficial agents. One of the examples of symbiosis is the yogurt and kefir or fermented dairy products where bacteria get its food needed to live. In addition, Probiotics and pre bio tics are one of the ingredients added to some foods which are available in dietary supplements.  


Most of the Probiotics are the same with those naturally found in humans guts particularly breastfeeding infants who are protected naturally with these good bacteria against many kinds of diseases.  


Probiotics often comes from two groups of bacteria: 

1. Lactobacillus or Lactobacillus acidophilus—the acid-friendly milk bacterium type of Lactobacillus.   This is a Homo fermentative type which functions to ferment sugar to form lactic acid in the body.   It is normally found in the human and animal digestive tract, vagina and mouth. 


2. Bifidobacterium or Bifidobacterium bifidus—other good bacteria like lactobacillus which is a  major genus of bacteria that make up the colon or gastrointestinal tract which also function as Probiotics. 


Health benefits of pro biotic s-there are lots of medical researches that show amazing benefits of Probiotics; 

·         Can treat severe diarrhea with or without follow up treatment of antibiotics.  

·         A quick treatment for intestinal infections. A recent study shows that Probiotics may possibly treat any of the various forms of gastroenteritis. 

·         Prevent and gradually cure colds and flu. 

·         Prevent and reduces risk of bladder problems like cancers. 

·         Prevent occurrence and cure urogenital problems like vaginal infections as well as urinary tract infections which can create risks during pregnancy. 


There are strain-specific health benefits in taking some dietary supplements. Not all strains or type of Probiotics are effective for you condition. This is because some of the dietary supplements found in the market that failed the testing and approval process of drugs still claims to be effective. So, if you want a healthy diet, consult a medical practitioner familiar with the Probiotics to get optimum benefits. Don’t forget to let your health care provider know about your diet plans to know if those are beneficial or not for your health and well-being. 

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