Crohn's Disease Symptoms


Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease  

1)      Pain of Crohn’s Disease 

The intensity of the pain may sharp, cramping, intermittent, or very light.  It occurs more in the abdominal region but can be anywhere Crohn’s disease has taken place.  


2)      Hyperthermia of Crohn’s Disease 

Most commonly known as fever, since the body thinks you have an infection, it produces anti-bodies that battle against normal cells. Whenever there’s war going on within your body, fever usually occurs. 


3)      Body malaise of Crohn’s Disease 

The person will feel body weakness due to increased activity within the digestive system. 


4)      Loss of desire for food  

A person with Crohn’s disease usually has no appetite.  


5)      Pain during defecation 

The pain could get even worse if the affected area is the rectum. 


6)      Diarrhea 

Since the infected digestive organ is swelling, it secretes excess fluids and sodium which makes it too much for the large intestine to absorb. That’s why diarrhea occurs in Crohn’s disease. 


7)      Losing weight 

A person with Crohn’s disease experiences sudden weight loss which could be the effect of diarrhea and loss of appetite. 

       8)   Bleeding


Crohn's Disease Symptoms